Step 1

Arrange site visit

Arrange site visit by calling our customer service hotline / website / Whatsapp / Facebbok.

Step 2

Choose a size

Choose your favorable size.

Step 3

Submit application form

Submit application form online or in person. (ID card and Address proof are needed)

Step 4


Rent, 2 months security deposit, Access card fee

Step 5

Prepare to move goods to storage

Prepare packing materials, lock and carton for moving your goods to storage anytime.

Termination: Customers may inform us upon 14 days prior verbal or written notice, with signing termination form on or before the termination day. Deposit will be refund by cheque to your bank account within 21 days after termination.

*You are required to notify us immediately when your access card is lost or stolen, and apply for a replacement card.


Flexible payment

Monthly payment / prepayment

Multiple contract options

Minimum 1 month

We accept FPS, ATM¹,credit card, bank account autopay, cheque²


¹Email/WhatsApp deposit slip soft copy to us

²Full name, storage no., telephone no. and contract no. should be written on the back

Terms of storage

Do not store any inflammable goods

Do not store any corrosive goods​

Do not store any dangerous goods

Do not store any illegal goods

Do not store any stolen goods

Do not store any item that
damage the environment

Cash are not recommended

Valuable items are not recommended

Documents containing personal
information are not recommended

* Customer shall indemnify or compensate our Company for any loss or claims arising or resulting from storage of any items listed above by the Customer.

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